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    Yes, friends, from now on Google will provide unlimited organic traffic to your site. Google promotes your blog to increase your blog traffic. No need to take the help of any backlinks will rank without backlinks.

    Google says you write a unique article and share the link to that article to Google. Google will share your article with everyone. Which will speed up the traffic to your site?

    Only the traffic you get, but not that. Get unlimited topics with traffic. You can write an article on that topic.

    There is a long wait for traffic after creating backlinks. But in this case, you do not have to wait so long. Traffic will start coming in a few days.

    Whether your site is Blogger or WordPress, old or new, traffic will come very soon. The traffic that will come is organic traffic.

    No one will analyze this issue as much as I am going to show you. I will show you very straightforwardly and clearly. So don't miss a line of this post.

    You may have seen a post or video on this topic before. However, you guys can take a look at this post. Maybe you can find out more.

    If you do an SEO course somewhere, There you may have to pay Rs 10,000 or more. Then you will know about this topic, not before.

    But I will provide this complete topic for free. I will not take any money for this. Because Google is providing for free, and I'm just analyzing.

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    Get traffic from QUESTION HUB


    Now let's move on to the main topic ... Google's platform which you can get the idea of ​​such traffic and topics? And everything you get is free.

    The platform is the QUESTION HUB. This is a Google platform. Here are Google's unlimited questions that you need to answer. How do you do that? I'll come back to that later. First of all, how does Google provide this facility?


    First, open your browser and search for a question hub. Now the first website you see is Google's platform. Click here to go to the main site.

    On this page, you will see an option called Benefit, Open it. On this page, you will find FIND THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. Click here to see Google's Unlimited Questions. You can generate traffic by answering these questions.

    To answer this question you have to write a unique article. And put the link of that article in the answer box. Whoever has the question, if he clicks on the link for his answer, your site will be reached.

    This will bring traffic, it will be genuine organic traffic. However, the content must be high quality And let the visitor get the perfect answer to his question.

    In short, it is a question and answer game. And get the option to track games. Such as Google Analytics can track traffic.

    How many questions did you answer? How many people answers did read ?, Answers How many impressions + clicks? Learn all about this. You will create a QUESTION HUB account to analyze these.


    First, sign up with your mail-id. Remember that you have to link to Google Search Console with the mail ID, you have to sign up with that mail ID.

    In addition to this, you have to link that website with Google Search Console, the link of which website you will share. Or it can be said that you will answer with the website.

    Now click on sign up and allow. If you allow, you will see how many sites you have opened with that mail ID.

    If you have a site, that's fine. But if there is more than one site, then select the website on which you will write the answer. Unmark the rest of the websites.

    Now you click on the Next button. Choose your language, the language with which you will write the article. If your language is not here, go to ADD LANGUAGE and select your language.

    Now select your COUNTRY. If you want an update or mail from Costing hub, check the box. Otherwise, leave the box empty. Now click on GET STARTED option.

    Then you have to choose the category. If you have a topic in this category then that topic.

    EXAMPLE:--Let's say your topic is Blogger. To the right of this, you will find an option called ADD, click here. You will see that some questions come automatically.

    Now put your point on any one question. You will see that the ANSWER option is highlighted. Click this ANSWER option and paste the link in the blank box.

    If you want more questions besides these questions, click on ADD QUESTION. And search by typing your topic-related keywords.

    After searching you will see many queries. You can add more questions by clicking on the ADD option here.

    Now exit this page. You will see your queries at the top. You can view your query by clicking on these queries.

    Watch the Hindi video below to know more about this topic ...

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