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Those who create unique content know what it takes to write an article and how much effort it takes. Writing an article requires a lot of apps.

    It only works when you install apps, but not. Those compromises require a lot of settings. Only then are the apps able to work.

    Again, if someone manages Blogger with mobile, then there are many difficulties. There are many desktop version apps that do not work properly on mobile.

    If only it could automate all these difficult tasks or get the job done in one touch. Then a blog becomes much easier for beginners.

    This is possible only by extension. Just like you install mobile apps, you have to install it in the same way.

    But extensions are not installed on mobile, they have to be installed in the browser. One such browser is the Chrome browser.

    But this method is not possible in the mobile version of the Chrome browser. For this, you need to use the alternative browser of the Chrome browser.

    That alternative browser is Yandex Browser. You can instantly use any extension in this browser. Any Google Chrome extension can be installed in this browser.

    Chrome extension for blogger

    what extensions are needed to create a blogger and I will discuss the details below on how to install them in your browser.

    Creating a blog requires many extensions it is not possible to show all of them in one post so I will discuss the ones that are more important.

    First, you have to install the Yandex browser. Give it if you want any permission. Log in with your email id. Remember to turn on desktop mode.

    Now I will mention how many extensions, all of which can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. Because these are all chrome extensions.


    You can understand what it does by looking at the name. This will help you a lot to write the right article. It is also available as an app.

    I will give a little idea about Grammarly apps first. Then I will learn about Grammarly extensions. Because if you don't know the exact both, which one will you use?

    Grammarly app is a kind of keyboard. That means you can understand where the Grammarly keyboard can be used. It will work wherever you write.

    Grammarly extensions will only work in browsers. However, it will not work in all browsers, only in browsers with grammar extension installed.

    Grammarly extension article writing

    Many times when writing an article, you make a mistake in the sentence. You will never know that you wrote the wrong sentence

    But if you keep it installed in your browser, your mistakes will be pointed out to you. And will give you suggestions on what will be right. That way you can fix your article.

    Take a look at how to install ...
    Search the browser for Grammarly extensions. Now click on the Add to Chrome option, wait a bit.

    Now you will see an option called Extensions in the browser menu, click. If the grammar extension is off, turn it on.

    Now you write your article And intentionally do something wrong. Notice that where you typed incorrectly, they are highlighted.

    You can see the number of mistakes made in an article at the bottom of the article. Now if you touch on the wrong word, you will get the correct word.


    To rank content, you need keywords. Not just keywords, you have to research those keywords. Check the volume of keywords, competition, CPC.

    For this, you need to find a good tool. But now all the tools are paid. As a result, it is not possible for many.

    We know KEYWORD EVERYWHERE as the best keyword research extension. But it has been found that it does not work on many mobiles.

    WMS keyword research tools
    WMS keyword research tools

    But there is a way, that is WMS EVERYWHERE. This is an alternative tool for keywords everywhere. The same thing can be done with these tools.

    This extension has to be installed in the same way. When the installation is complete, search for any keyword, you will definitely get the result.


    Many of you may know, but those who do not know need to be informed. To create that backlink you have to pay attention to any topic.

    Be sure to check the main site that you are going to create backlinks. Because that site can rank your site, again that site can lower your site.

    Checking means DA, PA, SPAM SCORE of that site. How to check these? No, no tools required. All you have to do is install a Chrome extension.

    Mozbar chrom retention

    MOZBAR Chrome extension.
    If this extension has an add on the browser, you can check the site without any clicks. Understand how much your work will benefit.

    Install the same extension as you installed the previous extension. You don't have to show how it works. Because you must understand by looking at the picture above.

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