How to Check My Blogger Website SEO


    What is my SEO score?

    To bring traffic to your site without backlinks, Site optimization score must be high. Which will bring a lot of traffic to your site?

    Today I will talk to you about a tool that allows you to do SEO optimization of your site for free. And if you make a mistake, you can fix it.

    SEO (Search engine optimization). That means optimizing your website.

    Depending on which your site will rank. If you can't do it right, your site will not rank in any way.

    And what is SEO percentage of your site, That amount is called website SEO score. So the SEO result of your site is the SEO score.

    If this SEO is low on your site, it must be increased. As it grows, your site will rank very fast.

    How to Check My Blogger Website SEO
    Solve your blog's SEO problem

    How do I check my site for SEO errors?

    The free tools I'm talking about are suitability. This will be a great help for your site.

    Many things can be done through this site. The most useful of them is - SEO check and fix.

    With these tools, you can find out what went wrong with your site's SEO. How to fix those mistakes? You will also get an idea.

    First, you need to open your browser. You have to type a solubility SEO checker in the search bar. You will get a link of in search results, open it.

    Now you need to turn on the desktop mode in your browser. This is very important in the case of these tools.

    Now go your website and copy the website home page link. Now paste the home page link of your site in the space above, and press Enter.

    Now you will see the following options. If these are wrong on your site, fix them.

    • Meta Information
    1. Title
    2. Meta description
    3. Meta specification
    4. Crowability
    5. Canonical URL
    6. Language
    7. Alternative/Hreflang link
    8. Other meta tags
    9. Domain
    10. Page URL
    11. Charset encoding
    12. Doctype
    13. Favicon
    • Page Quality
    1. Content
    2. Frame
    3. Mobile optimization
    4. Bold and strong tag
    5. Image SEO
    6. Social networks
    7. Additional markup
    8. HTTPS
    9. Media list
    • Page Structure
    1. H1 heading
    2. Headings
    3. Heading structure
    • Link structure
    1. Internal link structure
    2. External link structure
    3. Found links in this post
    • Server
    1. Http header
    2. Http redirect
    3. Performance
    4. HTTP response header
    • External factors
    1. Backlink
    2. Backlists
    3. Listed on web wiki
    4. Listed on Wikipedia
    5. Facebook popularity
    6. Robot's.txt

    Now I will analyze the above points. But I will not discuss all of them. I will discuss the ones that are very important.

    But how do you know which ones are more important, which ones are moderately important, which ones are less important? For this, you have to open the page in mobile mode.

    You will see the above points as a result. Now you will see below each point, there is writing about the importance of the point. Example:- Critically important, Important, somewhat important.

    Which are critically important on an SEO checker?

    You can see the importance of the points that I will say or show first by looking at the headings. Yes really very important.

    If you want to rank your site or give your site a high ranking, then the following nine things need to be emphasized. And once you do this, you can't imagine how much the traffic to your site will increase.

    So the points have to be present on your site. If you want to know more about the points, click on the points. It is rated 3 stars (🌟 🌟🌟) depending on the importance.
    1. Crowability
    2. Meta description
    3. Title
    4. Content
    5. Frame
    6. H1 heading
    7. Http redirects
    8. Blacklist
    9. Backlink

    Which are important on SEO checker?

    Now I will look at the points of medium importance. For this, I will talk about only four issues. Failure to do these can lead to the following problems.........
    Duplicate content, The problem of Indexingetc. The rating for this point is Two Star (🌟🌟).
    1. Canonical URL
    2. Heading
    3. Internal links
    4. Http header

    Which are somewhat important on an SEO checker?

    This point is a star(🌟)
    1. Language
    2. Alternative/Hreflang link
    3. Other meta tags
    4. Domain
    5. Page Url
    6. Charset encoding
    7. Mobile optimization
    8. Bold and strong tag
    9. Images SEO
    10. Https
    11. Performance

    12. Facebook popularity

    Which are nice to have on an SEO checker?

    It has no rating. But don’t think it’s worth it. Remember that all the points I saw are useful. So guys don't avoid looking at the ratings, then make a mistake.

    1. Doctype
    2. Favicon
    3. Social network
    4. Additional markup
    5. External link
    6. Listed on web wiki site

    When you check your site's SEO, you will see that your site's score. The higher this score, the more traffic, the more income, the more growth. So I would recommend, try to increase the score as much as possible.

    For more details about those SEO tools, just click on video...

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