Check and Fix Domain spam score


Spam scores are a big problem on your blog. I bet most of you don't check it.

I did not check either, one day when I went to check, then I found my spam score on my website increased a lot. As a result, my site's ranking speed has decreased.

And the views on my site are less than before. This problem is not in your blog or website, I think this post.

Domain spam score


When creating a website or blog, In the lure of traffic, you go to different sites and create backlinks. But you do not check how much DA, PA, SS that site has?

You think your website will rank. But the exact opposite happened. There are many free tools, where you can automatically generate backlinks.

Never do this, first check the DA, PA, SS of the website. In many cases, the site you visited to create backlinks may already be listed as spam.

As a result, your backlinks go to the spam list. All these small things need to be taken care of.

For this, you have to check your website from time to time. So that your website's spam score is at your fingertips.

If your domain spam score increases, Then Google will penalize your website. You do not have to pay for this but your site will go to the spam list.

As a result, no matter how much you do ON PAGE SEO, OFF PAGE SEO, KEYWORD, it will not rank in any way.

For this, you have to pay attention to. So that your website does not go to the spam list. If so, what is the solution?


First, you have to open the website that will check the spam score. Today in this post I will talk about the website, I will highlight them. All the free tools that I will give.

How to check spam score
  • Copy the link of your website,
  • Open this link,
  • Past your blog link in the blank box,
  • Check I am not a robot,
  • Click on the check.

Now you will see the results of DA, PA, SS of your site. This is the spam score that SS is seeing in the result.

Suppose here that the spam score is 13.Then this is a very high spam score. Why is it high? I will tell you now.

Now you have to go to this site of MOZ. Here you will find details about spam scores.

If you scroll down a little, you will see the scoreboard. It is divided into 3 parts, they are ...

  • 0 to 4 is ignored zone
  • 5 to 7 is a low danger zone
  • 8 to 17 is very danger zone

So it turns out, according to this board, 13 is a very dangerous zone. The problem is how to know which website has increased your spam score.

For this, you have to go this URL
You need to follow the steps below to know that.
For sign up
  • Put your email address,
  • Display name - anything,
  • Password,
  • Agree,
  • I am not a robot,
  • Create an account,

How to find backlink
Now you will get an activation link in your email. You need to activate your account by clicking on that link.

Now your MOZ website will open. Now go to below bottom-
  • Free SEO too
  • Link explorer
  • Spam score
  • Past here your website link
  • Click on search and scroll down

You will see many links, these are your backlinks. And you can see how much spam score a website has.

You need to delete your backlinks from these websites. This is a free tool so you can see only 50 results here.

If you delete the links, You can read the effect on your blog. So follow the way I would say.

Dead backlink remover
  • Now you need to open Notepad.
  • Copy the link-text of the 50 links you received.
  • Save them line by line in Notepad.
  • Now save the file in text format.

One thing to keep in mind is that there will be no space in the file name.

  • Click on this link of Google Search Console.
  • Select your blog (if you have multiple blogs).
  • Click on disavow a link,
  • Now you can see a message, click disavow a link,
  • Choose your text file,
  • Submit,
  • Done.

After that, you have to wait for some time. Maybe waiting for up to a month. Visit my blog and create SEO friendly blog.

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