6 secret of backlink for website


Today we will discuss very important topics for your website. Backlinks are the most important factor in the ranking of your website.

Again if you don't have the right idea about that backlink, you will run into a lot of problems. So today I will give you 6 secret ideas about backlink.

Create your backlinks by following this secret thinks of backlink. Hopefully, if you understand this post of mine, all your doubts about backlinks will be clear.

For more details about backlinkFor more details about backlink


    I will explain with examples what backlinks are. Only then will it be useful for you to understand.

    Suppose you go to the market and look for a shop. But you can't find it. Where you will find the thing you need.

    In this case, you have to go to a nearby store. You have to go and give the address of that shop. So you can find that store.

    Here, the shopkeeper who gave your store address is the backlink. That got you to your destination.

    If you think your destination is to rank your site. Then you have to take the help of any one of them.

    The person who helped here is the backlink. This backlink will present your site to Google. Through which Google will trust your site.


    Backlinks are very important for linking to your website. Which will take Google to the top of your site?

    Google is always looking for trusted sites. And Google helps to rank trusted sites.

    So your site needs to be trusted. Google will only trust your site if it receives a recommendation from another trusted site.

    With the help of that trusted site, you can also bring excessive traffic to your site. The more traffic your site receives, the more Google will trust your site.

    One thing to keep in mind, if your site doesn't have traffic, you won't be able to make any money. So I think backlinks must be created.


    I will analyze now, How many types of backlinks are there? There are usually 50 types of backlinks. Let's see what they are? That means where we can create.

    1. .EGU link
    2. .GOV link
    3. .org link
    4. Editorial-given link
    5. Link from traditional media or press
    6. Internal link
    7. Link from complementary business within your niche
    8. Link from competitors in your industry
    9. Niche forum profile link
    10. Social media profile link
    11. Social media post link
    12. Link from readit
    13. Link from the LinkedIn company directory
    14. (Relevant/non-spammy) industry directory
    15. Link from local directory
    16. Link from ebook
    17. Link from the template directory
    18. Link from a local news site
    19. Guest blogging link
    20. Manual outreach link
    21. Google my business link
    22. Link with a grand name anchor tag
    23. Link with key terms anchor tags
    24. How to guide links
    25. Infographic links
    26. Resources guide
    27. Infographic situation links
    28. Links from Q/A site
    29. Links from email
    30. Links from videos
    31. Graphic links
    32. Links from Sidebar
    33. Links from views
    34. Links from Wiki site
    35. Do-follow backlinks
    36. No-follow backlinks
    37. Ask people you know
    38. Conduct interviews
    39. Give interviews
    40. Links from podcast
    41. Contribute to a crowdsourced or Quote post
    42. Write a crowdsourced or Quote post
    43. Create a tool
    44. Create to news
    45. Link from webinar
    46. Create a template
    47. Link to original research
    48. Link to glossaries
    49. Link your case study
    50. Links your competitors have

    All of these may not fit you But you can get a lot of ideas from here.


    Good backlinks are meant to be high-quality backlinks. You must check the quality of the site where you are going to create your backlinks.

    If the main site is high quality, Only then will your backlinks be of high quality. If you don't check, your site's rank will decrease instead of rank.

    In this case, you have to think about the spam score first. If a spam score consumes your site, your site will not stand out in spite of thousands of SEO.

    Therefore DA, PA, SPAM SCORE of the main site must be checked. Only create backlinks if these are correct.

    If you follow these then your backlinks will be good or high quality. And traffic to your site will come at a storm speed.


    Now I will know the advantages and disadvantages of backlinks. If you do not know this, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

    Because just as there is a good side to something, there is also a bad side. The same thing happens with backlinks.

    Backlinks benefit your site a lot. Brings a lot of traffic, increases a lot of popularity, increases views. If these increase again, your income will be endless.

    This is the good side of backlinks. Again, the bad side. That is something you need for more attention. Because bad backlinks will do a lot of damage to your site.

    Backlinks will only get worse if you follow the pointers well above. And for that, your site's spam score should be checked once a month.

    Otherwise, once your site is on the spam list, it is very difficult to get out of it. You may have to pay for it.


    There is no exact limit to how many backlinks you can generate one day. Experts say that backlinks do not depend on quantity but depend on quality.

    You will create one 100 or 1000 backlinks per day, it will not have any effect. The effect will only fall if these are not quality backlinks.

    If you can create a quality backlink, it is much better than creating a thousand bad backlinks. So I would suggest, create a backlink per day. However, it seems to be of high quality.

    If you want to rank your site with backlinks, you must follow the points above. You do not have to pay for this but if you make a mistake in creating backlinks, you must pay. What you do next is a personal matter.

    Video example in Hindi for what is a backlink?

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