How rank my blog by google Trends


Blog rank by google Trends

Hello friends, today I will tell you about Google Trends. Many of you know, but many do not know.

For those who don't know what Google Trends really is, my post about this topic. First, let us know what ideas we are going to get from this post.


Google Trends means what people want from Google at the moment. Or I can tell people what trend is showing on a topic.

This is Google's free tool. Through this, we can get many ideas. Which helps a lot to create blog posts.

Among these ideas are - keyword ideas, trending topics. Let's get started. First, you need to search Google by typing Google Trends.

Before doing a search, you must have an email login in your browser. Now click on the first link and go to the main site.

I will discuss two stages here.

  1. Trending topics idea - That means you can know which topic is trending in Google Trends. On which you will create a post.

  1. Keyword idea - That means you can get an idea of ​​the different keywords in your topic.


First search google trends in the search bar. Now click on the first link of results.

Let's go to the home page of the site. First, select your country.

You will see three dots on the left, click on it. Now Touch on Trending Searches.

Now you will see some everyday searches. Whether you want to create a blog on this topic, it is your choice.

Because at the end of the ending, they will change. Now click on real-time searches. You have to select your category on the right.

Now you have a lot of results. Understand what trends are going on in your category within 24 hours.

Now select any one topic. Now you will see various posts on this topic. And you'll also get an idea of ​​what keywords are used.

You find out the content by clicking on the links. On which you can also create posts.

You will see related keywords a little below. You can use them if you want.


Let's go to the second topic. Do you have a keyboard you want to write about?

But I don't know what the trending of the keyboard is. Let's find out.

Go back to the site's homepage. Search your topic in the empty box. Take a look at the options below...
  1. Country - your country
  2. Select time - your choice
  3. Category - your topic related
  4. Search - web searches
Now you will see a graph. From here you can get ideas, your trends of keywords.

If you want to search another keyword on the same topic, click on "Add Search Terms". Now you can see a keyword In the competition graph. You can also get ideas from here.

This way you can write a blog post on trends topic. The post ranks very quickly.

For example in Hindi:-

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