Google Adsense Approval Tips and Tricks


Many people create blogs by watching YouTube videos. They think that if you can create a blog in any way, it will be income.

They make such small mistakes. Due to which AdSense does not give approval.

I will discuss so that those small mistakes are not made or approval is easily obtained.

Adsense trick and tips for blog

  • Common causes of AdSense rejection

1. Insufficient content
If the content of your blog is not complete, Misspellings, If the content does not provide value to the visitor Or the links on your blog are broken links.

2. Design of Your Blog

Google prefers those websites, The design of the site has been properly or professionally designed. Again, the sentence of a blog is too big or too small.

Would you like a blog like this? So blog design should be professional.

3. No privacy policy, about Us and contact us Page

If the above pages are not in your blog, If you try a thousand times, you will not get AdSense approval. If you want to get AdSense approval, Make sure the pages are created.

How to write? Touch.

4. Doesn't comply with Google Adsense

The fourth reason is that your blog does not comply with the AdSense policy. Example - Your blog has no rich content or meaningful content.

Again if you are not generating organic traffic, You are using paid traffic. Also if you publish hacking-related posts, AdSense will not give approval.

  • AdSense rejection is a special reason

1. High-quality content

The content of the blog has to be unique. Create content in a way that attracts visitors.

Also, your blog will not have any grammatical errors or copyrighted images. The word limit will be 300 to 500 words.

2. privacy Page for your Blog

Google recommends that your blog has a privacy page. By this page, you mean that you are giving business to Google.

3. About Us page

As much as you need a privacy page, you need about Us and contact us Page. Through the About Us page, you want to tell visitors what your blog is about.

And provide information through the Contact US page. Through which Google does email verification.

That means you created an account with email, Google verifies whether it is yours.

4. Verify your name and email

You need to verify your name and mail before you can apply for AdSense. And it is recommended to link the domain with AdSense.

  • Other reasons for rejecting AdSense

1. Insufficient Post:-

Google did not specify how many posts to write. I still need to write at least 25 to 30 hours.

2. 18+ Age:-

You must be confirmed to be over 18 years of age. You can apply for AdSense only if you are 18+ years old.

3. Content-Type:-

Your content should be kept away from the following points. Drugs, Medicine, Adult Things, Hacking Related Posts, etc.

4. Domain Age:-

The domain of your blog must be at least 1 month old or older.
If it is then you cannot apply before 6 months.

5. Alternative ad network:-

If you already have Google Alternative Ad on your blog, In this case, you will not get approval. For this, you have to remove that ad first.

Note:- If the approval is still rejected, then read the mail first and then fix it.

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