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How to Write SEO Friendly Article:part-1

How to Write SEO Friendly article on Your Blogger post, What this means is how to write an on-page SEO article.

will make your post rank very easily on Google. The role of SEO is very important to rank the post on Google.
If you do not rank, your website will not get traffic. Which is very important.

There are 17 things you need to understand to make SEO Friendly Content. After analyzing 17 things, this post will be much bigger.

So I analyzed the topic in 3 posts and this is Part 1. But let's say some of the things I'll discuss are the Google policies. I will show proof of this in Part 3.

Now I will discuss the first five points. They are as follows... ... ... ......
  • Heading
  • Meta Description
  • Content
  • Permalink
  • Image
Keywords in Heading:-
Keywords in Heading, meaning everyone understands? Yeah, that means your main keyword must be in the heading at first.

You need to add some more words to the main keyword. But one thing to keep in mind, Your main keyword and full heading means the same.

The full heading will be in H1 format.

Keywords in Meta Description:- To the right of each edited post, you will see an option called Search Describe. This is an important point.

If anyone searches for the word here, they will see this post. So here you have to type your keyword first.

Keywords in Content:- This time I will come to point 3. You need to enter something about the post or the keyword.

It should be written just below the heading. In the beginning, the Sentence will be the main keyword of the post. And the keyword will be bold or italic or underlined.

Keywords in Permalink:- You can see Permalink in the post settings. You have to check if there is a Main keyword here.

so, whether there is a gap. Then fill in the gaps with (-). Because Permalink will have no space.

If you do not have the main keyword here, you will need to add the main keyword by clicking "Custom Permalink".

Keywords in Image:- Keyword related image to be uploaded below the heading. Now touch the image once.

There will be some blue options below. Clicking on the Properties option will see two blank cells. Paste the main keyword in both the blank space.

Now stay this. The next five will be discussed in Part Two. Follow my post as an example.

If you have any doubts, click on the contact us option below. Send me a message with details.

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