On Page Off Page SEO in Blog post


On Page off Page SEO in Blog Content

On-Page off Page SEO in Blog Content,part-2

On-Page Off-Page SEO in Blogger post to grow up your blogger page. This is so important that you can't rank your post on Google without it.

SEO Related This post is the second part. If you want to ON-PAGE SEO your post, then you have to follow three parts very well.

Your post will not be SEO if you do not follow three parts. And you will get a lot of problems when creating posts.

The main keyword in your page's paragraph must be used. However you cannot use it as you wish, it has limitations.

That is 1% or 2% density. That means, suppose you wrote a 1000 word post. This post will contain your main keyword 10 to 20 times. But the one exception is that it can't be used more than 15 times.

Title Length You need to look at the main title of your page. Because when you publish your post, the title will become a link. And there will be problems.

Because the link that will be created has a word limit. The link to your post must be between 60 and 70 characters long.

Placement in Title Google will not read your page in full view. Some importer will look at the subject.

One of them is the title. The title should be given so that Google can see the title and understand what the post is about. That is to say, the content of the total page is within the title.

Description Length Description means search descriptions. In this box, you can enter more than your main keyword. But there is a word limit, which is 155 words. I can't write more than this.

Content-Length Previously 200 to 250 wards would have been written. But now there is a lot of competition.

Because of that you now have to write 400, or more, to create a post. If you can write 1000 words then it is very good. Then there will be no difficulty in ranking Google.

Keyword Stuffing in Title It's okay to have the main keyword in the title of your post. But keep in mind that there will be only one keyword in the title.

We discussed 11 points in Part 1 and Part 2.There are still 5 more points left. I will discuss 5 points in Part 3. These 17 points are very important to make your page complete SEO.

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